The Xenophytes are the main variant of enemy in the Infinity saga. They are creatures that were born in the void, and consume the life energy of others to survive. They made their debut in Night of Infinity, and then appeared as a lesser threat in Night of Infinity II: Endless Dawn. Their backstory is explained in DUSK: Prelude to Infinity, where they serve as additional protagonists.

Origin The Void
Base Drake Nest
First Leader Lita Hayward
Last Leader Xenophus
Debut Night of Infinity


DUSK: Prelude to InfinityEdit

The Xenophytes are first mentioned as Lita's "friends". When the two arrive on Relic Rainforest, Lita first shows Xenophus the creatures, and tells him of his potential. From then on, the game's directive is to gather as many forces as possible; with the purpose of creating an invasion force to topple the Conclave.

When the player revisits the Hall of the Conclave, the hordes of Xenophytes are seen in the background, hunting people and defeating Blade Wielders.

Night of InfinityEdit

The first Xenophyte seen in-game is a Flailkeeper. It attacks Rhys during his visit to the alternate world. Later, an entire army of Xenos from all worlds swarm Teal Peak. They overwhelm the defending forces and obliterate the city.

They become a major problem as the game progresses, spreading to most of the visited worlds and spreading their nests. It becomes a mission of the protagonists to eradicate the nests on each world and reduce their numbers.

Once the Infinity Orb is found, and Xenophus is beaten the first time, he repopulates the worlds with a second series of strains, making the eradications incredibly hard. These new strains are differently coloured with much higher statistics.

When Rhys, Liam and Sierra each arrive at Drake Nest, they have to fight their way through hordes of the strongest Xenophyte strains (each of the Xenophyte bosses is given a + form, not to mention the strains unique to that world), eventually making their way to the leader. When he is slain, the majority of the Xenophytes sacrifice their essences to repower him and give him all of their powers.

After Rhys' toughest battle yet, the Xenophyte King is destroyed and sent through the Infinity Orb, cleansing him of the Xenophyte energy, effectively killing the swarm.

Night of Infinity II: Endless DawnEdit

The Xenophytes' presence in this game is largely due to the creation of several hiveminds in the void. these hiveminds take semi-humanoid forms and look for hosts, while trying to attain a semblance of dominance, their territory taken by the more everpresent and lethally efficient Replicas, a rival race of shadowy doubles. Nonetheless, they still pose a valid threat as they resume the pattern of spreading nests and killing locals.


The Appearance of a Xenophyte ultimately boils down to the strain it belongs to. Strains are usually formed when Xenos arrive on a world and adapt to the surrounds. Some known strains are as follows. the Ones in Bold are classified as bosses.


Most of the Xenophytes draw power from the worlds they infest, but some are bred with power, and are classified as "unthemed."

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