Xenophus is the main antagonist of Night of Infinity, and the main protagonist in DUSK: Prelude to Infinity. He is the ruler of the Xenophytes, and comes from an alternate universe. He is also a user of the Blade of Ages. 

Age 1130
Height 200cm
Weight 57kg
Status Grand Master
Weapon Blade of Ages
Debut Night of Infinity


DUSK: Prelude to InfinityEdit

Xenophus and his allies begin the game as students of the Conclave (that is, the Conclave in his universe). They wish to become truly great, hoping that their names will be known throughout the universe. But when Santos, the current leader of the Conclave, falls ill, instead of hoping for an advance to the rank of, at least, Praetor, his only emotion is of concern; Santos is a dear friend of Xenophus' family. His friends, however, spurn his concern, believing him to have no wish to be Praetor (or anything great).

That night, while all others are asleep, a strange being contacts him. She reveals herself in human form as a woman named Lita Nikto. During their conversation, Lita reveals that her "friends" are in trouble. Xenophus offers to help, and Lita is touched at his offer. Little does Xenophus know that Lita's friends are ravenous monsters...

the next day, Xenophus and Lita are seen wandering around. The Conclave officials begin to wonder who Lita is, and send a squad of Kill-hounds to finish both her and the "traitor" off. However, the Blade Wielder protects them both and the Kill-hounds are executed. Fearing for his and his partner's safety, Xenophus abandons the Conclave.

On the world of Relic Rainforest, the pair find no settlement, only more Kill-hounds. One of the superior hounds reveals that all who know Xenophus in the Conclave have been eradicated. Upon hearing this, Xenophus flies into a blind rage. Lita reveals that her friends can help, and summons a troop of Xenophytes. Initially, Xenophus is wary of the beings, but Lita reveals that they exist to serve their ruler. This leads Xenophus to believe that he is capable of leading them. He and Lita destroy the rest of the Kill-hounds, and leave to the other worlds.

Eventually, after summoning enough Xenophytes, Xenophus and Lita assault the Conclave, with Xenophus having the motive of revenge, and Lita having clearly hidden motives. Eventually, they make their way through the entire Conclave force. The only one left is the ill Santos. He warns Xenophus of the path he is taking. Xenophus replies that he will not kill him; instead, they will use him to open the Void and unleash the Xenophytes. Santos, fearing for his life and that of his friend, reluctantly agrees. They travel to the Aurum Liquidium Chamber and perform a ritual. Unbeknown to either Lita or Xenophus, Santos uses the restorative properties of Aurum Liquidium to regain his health and strength. A fierce battle ensues, but Xenophus emerges the victor. Santos has his vengeance also, dealing Lita a mortal blow before warning Xenophus, "You... are beyond... hope." Xenophus rushes to Lita, in time to see her breathe her last. This infuriates Xenophus so much that he absorbs all the power of the Void, gaining godlike power in the process. The game ends with him crushing the Hall of the Conclave in a blast of energy.

Night of InfinityEdit

Xenophus makes his first appearance in-game in the parallel Teal Peak. He is seen standing under a portal to our universe. Rhys Grey runs up and asks him what is going on. He curtly replies "Your universe rests on a knife-edge. The catalyst of your fate is that which your people hold dear. Their doom is within their possession." With these puzzling words being said, Xenophus summons the Flailkeeper to finish Rhys off. But Rhys uses his newly-discovered Blade of Ages to destroy the monster. Xenophus then sends him back, and finalizes his transportation.

Once the people of Teal Peak are gathered (including our Xenophus), the Xenophus makes his move, fully opening the portal and unleashing his minions across Teal Peak. The battle is short but sharp; Xenophus assimilates his local version and claims control of all of Teal Peak. Rhys and his friends are banished.

Once the main characters return to Teal Peak, they find that Xenophus has mined into the floor of the Hall of the Conclave, looking for the Infinity Orb (a crystal with enough energy within to render him ruler of all creation). Liam initiates a battle with him. Although Xenophus is a skilled fighter, he is soundly defeated, and retreats with the Orb as his prize, having sent hundreds more Xenophytes to all the worlds.

When Liam breaks away from the group, he comes to Xenophus, hoping to kill him. But Xenophus emerges the victor in a short fight that ends with Liam being trapped inside the Infinity Orb. Rhys and Sierra arrive in time to witness this, and initiate another battle. This time, Xenophus comes off defeated. But his hordes of Xenophytes come to the room, and use their collective energy to restore Xenophus. he grows into a giant flying mutant that wields the Infinity Orb as a weapon. An epic dogfight through the Starlight Grid System ensues, and Xenophus is finally destroyed when the Orb becomes complete, creating a colossal explosion that destroys his base of operations. His final act is to place a curse on Rhys Grey's replica, Janus. When the Infinity Orb's god is asked about Xenophus, it replies that his fate is not good.

Night of Infinity II: Endless DawnEdit

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Xenophus' curse becomes a major plot point in this episode, having the most influence on Janus and turning him into the main antagonist.


Xenophus has silver eyes, black dreadlocks and a red scar going over his chin. He also wears Blade Wielder Uniform. Over this is a white robe that is removed during battle.

Our universe's Xenophus is a far older version of this, with white and grey dreads tied back in a bow that reach his lower spine. He is never seen in battle, as he dies when the invasion begins.


Xenophus craves power, and is incredibly hateful of others. This is due to his betrayal in DUSK. He also laments the loss of his friends (especially the one he loved, Lita) when his Conclave discovered his motives. As such, he now trusts no other living being. He treats his minions as vermin, yet their loyalty remains to him and him alone.


Xenophus is a Blade Wielder, having been one of the first. His weapon is so closely linked to him, its power only activates when he is wielding it. He can Hyper-Charge, transform and power up his weapon nearly effortlessly.

Fighting StyleEdit

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Xenophus is a master of the Blade of Ages. His battling style is furious, frenzied and frantic, being fast in movement and a rapid attacker.

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