The Hall of the Conclave is the main structure in the town of Teal Peak. It features in DUSK: Prelude to Infinity, and finally in Night of Infinity , as it is destroyed early in the game's storyline. Its ruins serve as the scene for the first battle against Xenophus, the primary antagonist of the game.


Little is known about the origins of the Hall, although it is known that the entire Conclave is based there. It also serves as the housing of the Conclave Elites, the highest ranked warriors. Their leader is Xenophus, except this one is our universe's Xenophus, not the evil one.

DUSK: Prelude to InfinityEdit

Xenophus and his friends begin the story living here, but the world on which the Hall is stationed is not named. When Xenophus meets Lita, and the Kill-hounds attack them both, the pair leave. Soon after this, all of Xenophus' friends are killed for simply having had contact with him.

Later, at the climax of the game, Xenophus returns to exact revenge on the Conclave. He slaughters the entire popution with Xenophytes, and even kills the innocent ones in the town outside. Eventually, the leader of the Conclave, Santos, is killed, but not before performing a ritual to open the void, and killing Lita. This accelerates Xenophus' descent to madness.

Night of InfinityEdit

In our universe, the Hall is stationed on Teal Peak. During the invasion of the Xenophytes, the Hall, and most of Teal Peak, is devastated by the hordes of Xenos. The great hall, the tallest building in Teal peak, is crushed, and half of the roof is destroyed.

Later, when Rhys , Sierra and Liam come back, they find the survivors holed up in the ruins of the outer city. By now, the whole city belongs to the Xenophytes. Inside what used to be the main tower, Xenophus is leading a mining rig team to search for the power source of the base, the Infinite Orb. After beating the villain, Rhys and his group witness the Orb being uncovered and sent to Drake Nest. They also see hordes of Xenos, returning to the worlds they'd already cleansed. As the trio's stay in the area ends, so too does its part in the game.

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