Sierra Draco is a main character introduced in Night of Infinity, and who reappears in Night of Infinity II: Endless Dawn. She is the love interest of Rhys Grey. Her battle style revolves around long-ranged, magic or physical attacks.

Sierra Kylie Draco
Age 15
Height 163cm
Weight 79kg
Weapon Longbow
Debut Appearance Night of Infinity


Night of InfinityEdit

Sierra lives on Teal Peak with Rhys and Liam Talbot. She has several interests involving joining a Conclave exploration team. But Liam annoys her about it, just as with Rhys. The three leave.

Later, when Rhys has returned from the parallel universe, she is the first one he finds. She helps him try to warn everyone, and is horrified when Xenophus is assimilated. The evil Xenophus then proceeds to destroy Teal Peak, and Sierra escapes with her friends.

Upon arrival in the Sands of Time, Sierra is rendered unconscious by the force of the crash. Rhys carries her to the Conclave Embassy, and she smiles weakly at him when she is given to the medics. Later, when fully revived, she refuses to stop hugging Rhys during cutscenes, but still fights when the situation demands. She notices the acid in the Xeno hive, and is adept at freezing it. When the Sidewinder attacks, hers is the attack effort that does the most.

On Blast Zone, Sierra gains the unwanted attraction of Joe Jensen, who is a notorious womanizer, but holds her own without much trouble.

On Temple of the Sun, Sierra is the first to have suspicions about the Conclave envoy, noting that their methods are far too brutal and presumptuous to be those of the Conclave. Her suspicions turn out to be true, as the Conclave are not present in this world; the ones posing as the envoy are in fact Xenophytes hoping to claim the world as their own.

Sierra notes a massive energy source, and the trio head to what is left of Teal Peak. After exploring for a while, they find survivors of the Xeno invasion staging a resistance against Xenophus. While Sierra wants to stay behind and help, she is outvoted and goes to the The Hall of the Conclave .

After the worlds are repopulated with Xenos, Sierra is the most determined to stop them, having made several friends on Shipwrecked Shores.

During the return trip to Temple of the Sun, Sierra is killed in combat, but is revived by Seraph.

When Liam leaves the team, Sierra begins to feel guilty, because it was Rhys' closeness to him that caused the breakup. But when they find out that Liam is going to fight Xenophus, she is ecstatic for a chance to apologize. The two head to Drake Nest, only to find that they arrive too late; Liam is absorbed into the Orb, and the battle is over. Sierra initiates another battle with Xenophus, and this time she and Rhys are victorious. Xenophus is revived by the Xenophyte hordes, however, and another, fiercer fight begins. Sierra manages to let off a final shot, which destroys the monstrous Xenophus mutant and ends the conflict. However the completed Orb detonates, and sends Sierra off world. Her fate is unknown.

Night of Infinity II: Endless DawnEdit

It turns out, the explosion at the climax of the first game sent Sierra drifting through space, where she ended up being pulled towards Asteroids and Dust. This, ironically, is also where Joe Jensen and his exploration team from Blast Zone are drawn. When Jensen remarks on it being fate, Sierra punches him in the face again.


Sierra has long, curly, red hair, pale skin and green eyes. She wears a black band around her chest and upper arms, a pair of blue jeans with a brown belt. She wears white sneakers. Her bow is often sheathed under her top on her back.


Sierra is cheerful and good natured. She never worries about something for too long, and it takes a truly horrific event to shake her up. She also is the most sensible, and pulls the other two back on track should they go astray. Her best quality, though, is her devotion to her friends. She only has a few, but they are close friends.


Sierra is not a Blade of Ages wielder. She instead uses a Longbow, which she considers adequate. She can use the longbow to fire arrows or bolts of energy.


  • "I'd love to see what's out there. Be on an exploration team."
  • "What's wrong?"
  • "Oh my god..."
  • "O.K. That hurt."
  • "I've heard a lot about this place. The Sands of Time... to think I'm actually here!"
  • "Get lost, loser."
  • "This guy really creeps me out."
  • "Who wants some?"
  • "But... these people need our help!"
  • "What? More Xenos?"
  • "Liam! You don't have to leave!"
  • "No! Liam!"
  • "Die, Xenophus, you evil son of a..."


  • Sierra is one of the only characters to survive travelling through the Starlight Planes without a Grid Traveler. She is also the first living person on Asteroids and Dust.
  • Sierra and Joe Jensen have a love-hate relationship. He loves her, she hates his guts.
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