Seraph is a minor protagonist in Night of Infinity. He appears in Temple of the Sun, where his role is as a party character. He is a former Blade of Ages wielder, but has passed away. All that remains of him is a suit of armor (much like the Lingering Sentiment).

Age N/A
Height 200cm
Weight 75kg
Weapon Blade of Ages
Real Name Arald Nachtler
Debut Night of Infinity


When the characters first arrive in Temple of the Sun, Seraph notices their arrival and stalks them, studying if they are friend or foe. When the trio are attacked by Xenophytes, Seraph attempts to step in, but stops when Rhys pulls out a Blade of Ages. He moves a distance ahead, and creates an obstacle, shielding it from any weapon but a Blade of Ages to test whether or not it is real. When he is proven incorrect, he ambushes the three, believing them to have killed a Wielder. The trio work together to defeat him. Realizing his mistake, Seraph skulks away into the forest, but is coaxed back by Rhys, who forgives him.

Suddenly, warriors of the Conclave burst from the bushes and attack Seraph, taking him into their custody. When Seraph tries to break out (wounding some of the officers in the process), Rhys berates him, causing him to shamefully surrender. Back at the Conclave ship, however, Sierra notices something screwy about the Conclave officers; their methods and practices are far too brutal to be considered of the Conclave. Eventually, she is proven right, and the three race to rescue Seraph. The leader of the expedition, a Grave Gravel Fortress, attacks them. Seraph, having rescued himself, joins the fight, and together the team destroy the Fortress. Seraph then leaves. Rhys tries to stop him, but he says, "Don't worry. I'll be here when you return."

The team return to Temple of the Sun to find that Seraph has been heavily damaged in a battle with Xenophus, who had come to survey the world. Xenophus had recognized Seraph as a former colleague, San Dikata, and attempted to destroy him. Seraph then joins the party for the duration of their stay.

When a huge storm brews (under the influence of the Lightning God), the group make their way to the High Temple in an attempt to destroy the being. However, Xenophus (watching from Drake Nest) sends hordes of Xenophytes to intercept them. Seraph begins to use all his power, charging up enough strength to completely obliterate the army, but at the cost of most of his life-force. The others reluctantly leave, believing him to be dead.

While the team are in the thick of battle with the Lightning Creep, Seraph awakens, and tries to find the others. He arrives just as Sierra is killed by the Creep. While Rhys mourns her, Liam and Seraph obliterate the Creep. Seraph then brings Sierra back to life. When thanked deeply by Rhys, Seraph seems to realize something, curtly thanks the group and leaves.

During the end credits, Seraph is seen standing on a cliff. A sunbeam comes down to him, and his spirit floats out of the armor, which collapses and falls off the cliff onto the grass below.


Seraph's armor looks like a basic medieval knight, except with bronze coloration and gold crests and trim. The torso, gauntlet and boot pieces are all thickest. The upper arms, upper legs, abdomen and neck are not armored; instead, a pale white mist fills these areas. A pair of white angel wings are attached to the back while the armor is possessed. The helmet is somewhat akin to a falcon's head, with a visor and a pair of "antenna".


Seraph is brave, valorous and incredibly protective of others. He will stop at nothing to repay his debt to the gods; he failed to protect those dear to him, and as a result was sentenced to live forever in spirit until he had protected people close to him. He also is intolerant of injustice and (especially) the Xenophytes and their leader, believing them to be an abomination to the world of mortals. His truest desire is to have and protect friends.


  • "If I had friends, I would not be here."
  • "There is a greater meaning to this, I imagine."
  • "No... I have failed..."
  • "Goodbye. I have repaid my debt"
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