Rukard is a Blade Wielder in DUSK: Prelude to Infinity. He is an enemy of Xenophus, and Santos' bodyguard. he was considered by most in his universe to be the greates Blade Wielder of the Conclave. When Xenophus takes over, he goes into hiding and is not seen until Night of Infinity II: Endless Dawn.

Rukard Santos
Age 29
Height 200cm
Weight 130kg
Status Master
Weapon Blade of Ages
Debut DUSK: Prelude to Infinity

Story Edit

DUSK: Prelude to InfinityEdit

When famed Blade Wielder (and Rukard's uncle) Santos falls ill, Rukard is the one most slated to take his place. He is the one that gives the Kill-hounds their orders to eliminate Xenophus and Lita. When the two escape, he sends the Kill-hounds off world.

When Xenophus and his army assault the Hall of the Conlcave, Rukard and his brothers fight them off fiercely until only Rukard remains. Incesed at the loss of his brotherhood, Rukard challenges Xenophus but is soundly defeated, and retreats to the Pure Realm, swearing to uphold his honor and get revenge.

Night of Infinity II: Endless DawnEdit


Rukard is a proud son of the Santos clan. As such, he has the grey eyes and white hair in a black ponytail. His clothing is a Blade Wielder Uniform, with some minor adjustments. He wears gold armor over his suit, and has a necklace with totems on it, each one representing one of his brotherhood, with his own in the middle.


Wise yet agressive, Rukard is a proud man. He is touchy and easily offended, and tends to make decisions with his pride rather than his mind. However, when he puts his mind to things, he is a fierce tactician. This easily places him in the highest rank of Blade Wielders.


Rukard wields a Blade of Ages. His signature weapon is the All that Glitters.

Fighting StyleEdit

See: Rukard (Boss).
Rukard fights with heavy attack moves; fast combos, overwhelming fighting strength and little magic use ensure he defeats his opponents fast.


  • "My uncle is sick. I am to take his place as leader."
  • "Kill-hounds? Kill the traitor and that strange woman. They don't belong here."
  • "Excuse me?"
  • "Brothers! Vechiross, Machradam, Hanchtos, Wiertos! To arms!"
  • "You killed my brothers! I'll see to it you burn in hell!"
  • "I'm not done yet!"
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