Rhys Aldous Grey (later known in battle as Janus Grey) is a warrior who first appeared in Night of Infinity. He is the protagonist of the series, and the best friend of Sierra Draco and Liam Talbot.

Rhys Aldous Grey
Age 15
Height 175cm
Weight 95kg
Status Master
Weapon Blade of Ages
Debut Night of Infinity


Night of InfinityEdit

Rhys, Liam and Sierra live in the Teal Peak, a land where the lies the Hall of the Conclave. He is considering joining the Conclave, and making the Teak Peak a better place. His ideas are dismissed as foolish by Liam, and, hoping not to cause an argument, agrees. The three leave the overlook, just before a strange disc appears on the ground...

The next day, Rhys wakes up to find himself in a twisted alternate world, where Teal Peak has been destroyed. Wandering amongst the ruins, he uncovers an enormous monster. Rhys runs for cover, and finds a large blade lying in the dust. Taking it to defend himself, he looks for Liam and Sierra, but they are nowhere to be found.

Rhys heads to the Hall of the Conclave to find that Xenophus, the lead Conclave Elite, is standing in the ruin, opening an enormous disc. He comments on Rhys' universe being on a knife-edge, and then summons the creature (he calls it a Flailkeeper) to finish Rhys off. However, Rhys uses the weapon and destroys the Flailkeeper. Visibly annoyed, Xenophus sends Rhys back to his own universe.

Once back in his own version of Teal Peak, Rhys rallies everyone and tries to warn them of Xenophus' intentions, but this Xenophus has no evil intent, even when provoked by Rhys' attempted attack. But Xenophus is enveloped in void energy and dissipates into energy, which is absorbed by the evil Xenophus. Rhys realises that his Xenophus and the evil one are one and the same, only alternations.

The evil Xenophus creates an end link of the enormous disc he had made in the alternate Teal Peak, summoning up hundreds of alien beings. Though Rhys tries to defend the people, most of them are caught or killed. Rhys, Sierra and Liam escape using the illegal Starlight Grid System, but Teal Peak is destroyed.

Waking up in a vast desert (known as the Sands of Time), Rhys finds both of his friends are unconscious. Defending them from many attacks by the creatures (who are here as well), he finally carries them to the nearest Conclave Embassy, where the local Praetor, Linus Avery, Is able to help them recover. While Sierra and Liam rest, Linus tells Rhys of the danger. Apparently, these creatures are called Xenophytes (or Xenos for short), meaning "born in another place." They follow Xenophus, who at some point gained a Blade of Ages of his own. Rhys resolves to stop them, to avenge the desecration of his home.

Liam and Sierra, once revived, agree to what Rhys has resolved, and the trio leave the Embassy. Before leaving the Sands, they are attacked by a large Xenophyte creature (a Sandwinder). Managing to defeat the beast, they leave, and travel to a host of other worlds, ridding them of Xenos and solving any local disputes. But when Sierra finds a gargantuan energy source coming from the Teal Peak ruins, they head to the Peak and find that Xenophus is in fact using the energy of the Infinity Orb, the battery of the peak, to create a Dimensional Control that will control all universes. Only just managing to destroy it, the team witness Xenophus repopulating the worlds with more Xenos. After chasing him to the Grid Link Room, Rhys, Liam and Sierra take off to destroy the remaining Xenos on the other worlds.

On the second time through, Rhys becomes closer to Sierra, but further from Liam, to the point where Liam leaves the group and attempts to find Xenophus on his own. Rhys and Sierra arrive on Xenophus' base, Drake Nest, just as a battle between Liam and Xenophus initiates. Liam is outmatched and (supposedly) killed when he is thrown into the unfinished Infinite Orb, which uses his energy and grows larger.

Rhys and Sierra then battle Xenophus, and he is defeated, but not before physically placing a curse on Rhys. But then, the Xenophyte horde vanish, using their power to revive and mutate Xenophus so he can wield the Orb. After a fierce battle that destroys Drake Nest, Xenophus vanishes into the Orb, which completes it and causes a huge explosion.

Rhys wakes and sees a glowing energy being standing where the Orb had been. It tells him that Xenophus was foolish for trying to utilize the Orb for his dark purposes. Rhys demands that the being release Liam, but it says, 'It wasn't my doing, but when the Orb was destroyed, your friend returned to his home.' Rhys asks about Xenophus' fate, and the being replies, 'Not good. But your fate, Janus Grey, is far worse.'


Rhys Grey is quite tall, slim and with short dark hair and grey-ish eyes. He wears blue jeans that end under his sneakers, a black waist-length hoodie (he keeps the hood down) and a white shirt with a grey sword pattern on the front. He also has a pair of grey gloves with black trim.


Rhys seems to never let things go, being incredibly vengeful and holding a grudge against folks who do wrong by him, for example:

  • Xenophus, for destroying his home and stealing the Infinite Orb.
  • Seraph, for attacking the Conclave envoy (although this was easily resolved).

In spite of this, Rhys is still friendly and easygoing, with a firm grasp of right and wrong, and the uncanny ability to sense strange things others might miss. His friends are paramount to him, and he is eager to make new ones, but finds it hard to keep everyone appeased (as evidenced when Liam leaves the group in a fit of rage and neglect).


Rhys is the first known user of a Blade of Ages, and the only known master. His skill with the weapon grows over the course of the game, to the point where he can effortlessly Hyper-Charge his weapon (a feat normally requiring a great amount of concentration). His basic weapon is the Great Cross.


  • "I want to join the Conclave one day!"
  • "I suppose you're right. "
  • "What the hell did you do to this place?"
  • "Guys, he's going to destroy Teal Peak!"
  • "What the hell?!"
  • "Let's get out there and kill all those Xenos."
  • "Don't attack the Conclave, they're the good guys!"
  • "Is that who I think it is?"
  • "That's the Infinity Orb he's after!"
  • "Not again!"
  • "Nice to be back"
  • "You still haven't repayed your debt?"
  • "Arr, me mateys! Oh, bad try."
  • "Liam! You're still a part of this team!"
  • "What is that place?"
  • "That's not good..."


  • Rhys is the only person still alive today that has been to another dimension.
  • Since Xenophus cursed Rhys before his demise, it is unknown if Rhys will gain any of his attributes, but during the cutscene after the ending credits, his eyes flash a brilliant silver for a split-second, and his hair is considerably darker in some places.
  • Rhys' friends both notice when he becomes aggressive during their final cutscene together, meaning that Janus Grey is emerging.
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