Night of Infinity is the first game in the Infinity saga. It introduces Rhys Grey, Liam Talbot and Sierra Draco, three of the series' most important characters.

Night Of Infinity
Created by: Demanding Studios
Platform: RPG
Console: PS3?


The story begins with three people standing in a triangular room, the walls covered in holes with gold water twisting through them. The shortest of the three points a strange weapon at the centre of the room, the other two doing the same. A black, pulsing disc appears on the floor in the middle...

Rhys Grey and his friends stand on the overlook of Teal Peak, above the Hall of the Conclave. Rhys expresses his desire to become one of the Conclave, and Liam dismisses it as foolery. The three leave, and a black disc appears.

The next morning, Rhys finds the planet devastated. Wandering in the dust, looking for signs of life, he finds a monster called a Flailkeeper. He hides from it, but sees a weapon laying in the dust. Using it to fend off the creature, Rhys runs to find his people. He checks in the Hall of the Conlcave, which is now a smoking ruin, to find Xenophus, leader of the Conclave, standing under an enormous rift. Xenophus declares that this is the fate of his universe, before summoning the Flailkeeper to finish Rhys off. But Rhys dispatches the beast and is sent back by an annoyed Xenophus.

Once back in his universe, Rhys tries to rally everyone, but is stopped by his universe's Xenophus. But the invasion begins with this Xenophus' assimilation and an enormous rift opening, unleashing hundreds of monsters. Rhys, Sierra and Liam escape; all others are killed, captured or driven into hiding.

Rhys awakens in the Sands of Time, and drags his friends to the local Embassy, under the protection of the Praetor, Linus Avery. He learns about the beasts (Xenophytes) and what they have been doing. After clearing the Sands of Xenos with Linus' help, the three leave to clear all the other infestations.

After visiting enough worlds, Sierra discovers an enormous energy signature emanating from Teal Peak. The trio head there and discover an enormous portal being created by Xenophus. He is trying to find the Infinity Orb, a small sphere of colossal energy that would help him rule all universes. After defeating him in combat, the trio witness him repopulate the worlds with Xenophytes, causing them to need re-cleansing. Xenophus then swipes the Infinity Orb and vanishes.

During the second time round, Rhys and Sierra become closer, but at the expense of his friendship with Liam, who leaves and tries to defeat Xenophus on his own. After finishing off the Xenophyte hordes, Rhys and Sierra then head to Xenophus' base of operations, Drake Nest. They get to the control room just in time to witness a battle between Liam and Xenophus initiate. Xenophus is the victor, tossing Liam into the Orb, which absorbs him.

Rhys and Sierra then fight him and win, after he curses Rhys. But the remaining Xenos arrive in the room and become one with Xenophus, restoring his power and mutating him to wield the incomplete Orb. After a fierce fight, Xenophus is obliterated when the Orb violently absorbs him, completing itself and causing a cataclysm which decimates Drake Nest. Sierra is blown off world, but Rhys remains.

The Orb releases its god, whom Rhys interrogates. He asks where Liam is, and it replies "He now resides where he was born." When asked about Xenophus, it replies, "Not good. But your fate, Janus Grey, is far worse." Having said enough, the god vanishes. Rhys takes his Blade in hand, and walks to the Grid Chamber as Drake Nest collapses.



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