Linus Avery is a Praetor of the Conclave, and a major protagonist of Night of Infinity. He also plays a major role in Night of Infinity II: Endless Dawn. His roles in each game are very similar; explanatory character and hired fighter.

Linus Richard Avery
Age 27
Height 197cm
Weight 101kg
Status Praetor
Weapons Whip-knives
Debut Night of Infinity


Night of InfinityEdit

First VisitEdit

Linus first appears when Rhys Grey and his friends crash-land on the Sands of Time. He guided Rhys to the Conclave Embassy and gets some medics for Liam Talbot and Sierra Draco. He then explains what is going on with the state of things. The Xenophytes (which, by now, control Teal Peak) have spread to most other worlds and now wreak havoc unchecked. The Conclave is in ruins with the destruction of the Hall of the Conclave and the death of Xenophus. Rhys then resolves to stop the Xenophytes. But when Liam goes missing, Rhys first decides to go looking for him first. Linus comes along.

The group eventually find Liam near a Xenophyte hive, where Liam is battling some Xenos to try and feel better. Sierra notices a Sidewinder and the four characters do battle with it. Once it is destroyed, Linus explains that the Xeno population should decrease due to lack of leadership. When Rhys remarks that it reminds him of something, Linus is offended (thinking he means the Conclave).

Linus also tells the team of some mining opportunities on the Sands.

Second VisitEdit

Linus greets the team back to the Sands, but warns them that the Xeno repopulation has struck the local Conclave forces thick and fast. He tells them of some infestations, where people have been used as hosts; namely, his brother Lionel.

Whilst wiping out Xenos, Linus, Rhys, Sierra and Liam meet Lionel, who promptly attacks them, emerging victorious due to his invulnerability. After a narrow escape, Linus tells Rhys of a special treasure that can reverse poisoning. He makes a hypothesis that the group could use it to cure Lionel of his condition. Eventually, after mining for hours, the team find the Purity Orb (Liam remarks on it being similar to the Infinity Orb. Linus replies that all worlds have an Orb; some more powerful than others). They find Lionel once again, and this time, while the battle rages, the Orb is used to weaken the possession. Lionel is cured, and Linus is deeply grateful.

Back at the embassy, Linus offers to keep studying the Blade of Ages for Rhys, to unlock its secrets.

Night of Infinity II: Endless DawnEdit

In the sequel, Linus is still both a sculptor and a Praetor. He is pleased to see Rhys return to the Sands, but is worried when he realizes that Rhys is the ONLY one to return. When he asks where they are, Rhys replies, "Don't have a clue, which is why I need your help." Linus the tells Rhys of what has happened in his absence; the Xenophytes are no real problem anymore. The real problem? People are being snatched and replaced with hollow, dark Replicas, and are wreaking havoc.


Linus is rather tall and lanky. His arms, torso and legs are thin but muscular. He has black eyes, orange hair and thick black eyebrows. He wears a Conclave uniform (bronze colored jacket with rust colored trim, grey trackpants, black shoes), with two Whip-blade sheaths on his shoulder blades.


Linus is sturdy, experienced and world-weary, despite his age. He has seen a lot, but is still shocked at the vileness of the invaders. He will always find problems in any plan but his own (the faults of which are pointed out by Sierra), and dislikes working alone for the single reason that he knows what happens when you venture into the desert alone.


Linus has an odd weapon choice, considering he is a Conclave Praetor. He uses whip-blades. Which are used for short, sharp, rapid attacks.


Night of InfinityEdit

  • "Intruders? No, friends."
  • "It seems there is more to the problem than you realize. Allow me to explain..."
  • "No, there is no shelter beyond the walls."
  • "I like it, but there's a slight problem. If we assault the hive, there'll be a panic."
  • "I suggest a stealthier approach."
  • "Darn. I had it so worked out and everything."
  • "Uh, guys, I suggest not going in there. It could be a..."
  • "...a trap. Damn."
  • "I'll, uh, see you when you get back!"
  • "We've got... ah hell, I needn't say it."
  • "There's an infection spreading. They got my brother, Lionel"
  • "You knocking the Avery name choices?"
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