Liam Talbot is a main character introduced in Night of Infinity, who reappears in Night of Infinity II: Endless Dawn. He is also referred to in DUSK: Prelude to Infinity. He is the best friend of Rhys Grey and Sierra Draco.

Liam Harold Talbot
Age 17
Height 187cm
Weight 99kg
Weapon Axeblades
Debut Night of Infinity


Liam is a resident of Teal Peak. His main claim to fame is being a major bully. The only two people he hasn't bullied are Rhys (who instantly penetrated his mean exterior by asking to be friends) and Sierra (who gave him some food when he was hungry).

Night of InfinityEdit

Liam and his friends are sitting on the overlook of Teal Peak. He ridicules both the others' ideas of joining the Conclave. Little does he realize that he is more correct than he knows.

The next morning, Liam is rudely woken by Rhys and Sierra, who are trying to warn everyone of the impending invasion. Though he is skeptical, Liam follows them to find that what they are saying is true. Xenophus is assimilated and the Xenophytes invade. Liam fights bravely, but is pulled away.

Upon crashing on the Sands of Time, Liam is rendered unconscious from injury. Rhys drags him to the Conclave Embassy. Upon waking, he immediately looked for Xenos to slay, being furious about the loss of his homeworld. Liam leaves the Embassy, trying to find Xenos to fight. The others, with the help of Linus, follow him. He leads them to a giant Xenophyte hive. Insife, he awakens a Sidewinder. Sierra and Linus free him, while Rhys fights off the other Xenos and destroys the hive.

Liam's mood doesn't improve until the team gets to Shipwrecked Shores. Once there, while Sierra is making new friends and Rhys is looking for the treasure with Captain Shanx, Liam pretends to be a pirate captain. Rhys and Sierra are both happy that his mood is improved, but wish he'd stop goofing off.

Liam and the others return to Teal Peak under Sierra's guidance, to find that Xenophus is mining out the Infinity Orb. He becomes more determined than ever to defeat Xenophus and leads the others into the Hall of the Conclave to fight him. However, when they defeat Xenophus, he repopulates the worlds with Xenos and escapes with the Orb as his misbegotten prize. Liam, now incredibly guilt-ridden over his mistake, heads off with the others to wipe out the Xenophytes once again.

When Rhys and Sierra start to grow closer, Liam begins to feel neglected by his friends. Eventually, he leaves the team and strikes out on his own. He goes after Xenophus on his own and ends up at Drake Nest. Fighting his way through the throng of Xenophytes, he makes it to the control room, where Xenophus awaits. After a heated argument, the two do battle. Just as Rhys and Sierra arrive, Liam is beaten. He silently tells them "I'm... so... sorry..." and is thrown into the Orb by Xenophus.

Inside the Orb, Liam discovers that the power source is actually a god, contained within the sphere. They watch the climactic showdown between Xenophus and Rhys and Sierra. When the Orb is completed, the god tells Liam that he will be sent home.


Liam is the tallest of his group, and also the most muscular. He has fair hair and green eyes. His choice of clothing is simple; he dresses in cargo trousers and a blue singlet with a green jacket. His axeblades are kept in a pair of sheathes on his belt, and a bag hangs from his left shoulder.


Liam is loud, brash and determined, with a very single-minded attitude and a hell of a superiority complex. He like to be in charge, and also gets himself in trouble for thinking he is. But his friends are very important to him, seeing as how he has so few. He also tends to lose his temper very easily.


Axeblades are Liam's weapon's weapons of choice. This is convenient, as axeblades are very heavy and Liam is very strong, allowing him to wield and perform complicated moves with them. He is asked at one point in Endless Dawn why he doesn't embrace his true identity as a Blade Wielder; his reply is "Ah, I don't believe in that junk."

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