Engineer Joe Jensen is one of the senior staff of the Research Base on Blast Zone. He makes his debut on Blast Zone in Night of Infinity, and also appears on Asteroids and Dust in Nights of Infinity II: Endless Dawn. He is perhaps the most morally ambiguous character in the game.

Joseph Ryan Jensen
Age 30
Height 201cm
Weight 105kg
Nicknames Big Joe, J.J
Weapon Shotgun crutch, Stave crutch
Debut Night of Infinity


Night of InfinityEdit

When Rhys, Sierra and Liam arrive, Big Joe is the first person they meet. He tries to put "the moves" on Sierra, but is harshly rebuked. Despite this, his affection (try obsession) is an enduring in-joke. he tells them of the rising threat posed by the Xenophytes (who took all the treasure he owned), and volunteers to help get it back (and deal a heady blow to the Xenos as well).

When the characters reach the hub of Xenophyte activity, Big Joe is the first to notice the Assembly Line Xeno, and initiates the battle to get his treasure back. Upon the defeat of the Assembly line, he rejoices by swimming in his loot.

When the characters return to Blast Zone, Big Joe greets them (especially Sierra) again, and warns them that a bounty hunter hired by Xenophus came to the world to hunt them down. He again volunteers to defend them from the hunter, saying that his Conclave boss has interests in keeping them alive. When asked whether or not he cares if they live, he replies with a riddle.

When the bounty hunter attacks, Big Joe disappears. It turns out, that he is developing a device that will power his base's engines and get them off Blast Zone. When he is found out, his argument is that he's "tired of living in this hellhole". The characters all make amends, but are attacked. After a fierce fight, Big Joe has the option of saving Rhys, Liam and Sierra or saving his machine. In the end, he rescues his friends and kills the bounty hunter. He says "I didn't want to lose a potential.. you know." He is left with a permanent black eye.

During the end credits, Joe and his team lift off from the planet before it explodes.

Night of Infinity II: Endless DawnEdit


Jensen wears a grey pair of overalls, a red hard hat and has a black-button up shirt. He has a thin layer of hair on his scalp and chin, likes expensive cigars (and is never seen without one, unless he is unconscious. When he revives, he lights a fresh one.) He also is missing a leg, and wears crutches that have been modified into weapons. His choice of sunglasses? Ray-Bans.


Big Joe is egotistical, obnoxious, a womanizer (with a particular liking to Sierra- the feeling is far from mutual), a treasure-maniac, and pyromaniac. But in spite of all this, he is still a great friend to have, having skill in mechanics, weapons and magic. He's a good driver, and a darn good marksman. His eccentricities do irk most people, though.


He's taken advantage of the fact he's a cripple, making a pair of weapons out of his crutches. One is a stave, capable of magic attacks. The other, retrofitted with a shotgun.


  • "Hiya, babe, wanna go to an explosion, sometimes?"
  • "Damn! This chick's got fire. Heh... I like that!"
  • "Those darned Xenos be eatin' all my food, and even worse, takin' all my treasure!"
  • "Hey, is that big Xeno doin' what I think he's doin'?"
  • "Oh, nope, somethin' else."
  • "Oh man, you have got to be kiddin' me! This is not gold!"
  • "Holy hell! I cannot believe that worked! Not that I was doubtin' us, or anythin'!"
  • "So ya wanna play hardball, 'ey? That's just my game!"
  • "Don't worry, I've been plenty busy since you been gone."
  • "I'm tired 'o livin' in this hellhole! I'm gettin' outta here as soon as this thing's done!"
  • Ah, don't worry, I'll find another way off this rock."


  • Not only is Joe the most morally ambiguous character, he is also the most illiterate.
  • Joe is one of the most technologically advanced characters, nonetheless.
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