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Janus Grey is also the form that Rhys can use in Night of Infinity II: Endless Dawn.

Janus Grey (form)
Requirements Full Energy
Attack Strength x2
Weapon Blade of Ages
Unlocked Asteroids and Dust


Janus' gameplay runs on an attack level system. When the player deals enough damage, they advance an Attack Level and grow more powerful. When they max out the Attack Level gauge, they execute a powerful finisher and leave the form (in normal circumstances).

Listed are the abilities that the player has access to as Janus. Note that abilities from Rhys' gameplay are deactivated during form usage.

Combat Abilities Attack Level Requirements
Drill Spike All ground attacks are shrouded in an energy drill. -
Triple Sabre For the finisher, summon three energy blades to attack. -
Magnet Spike All aerial attacks draw enemies in and deal damage. -
Orb Sabre For the aerial finisher, energy blades rush the enemy. -
Laser Spectre Lasers deal extra damage if an attack is successful. Attack Level 2
Demolition Finish For both finishers, an explosion surrounds Janus. has a 75% chance of igniting the enemy. Attack Level 2
Laser Runner Laserbeams spring up during movement. Attack Level 3
Support Abilities Attack Level
HP Reader Reads an opponent's HP. -
Brutal Runner Bats an opponent aside on contact while moving. -
Brutal Glide Bats an opponent aside on contact while gliding. -
Blast Runner Detonates an opponent on contact while running. Attack Level 2
Blast Glide Detonates an opponent on contact while gliding. Attack Level 2
Critical Ratio Plus Doubles the chance of a critical hit. -
Speed Doubler Doubles your running speed. -
Speed Tripler Triples your running speed. Attack Level 2
Hyper Hammer Halves your attack speed, but doubles your attack power. -
Crushing Hammer Triples your attack power. Attack Level 2
Fanged Hammer Quadruples your attack power, but robs you of 1HP for every hit. Attack level 3
Attack Level Enabler Activates the Attack Level Gauge. -
Attack Level Plus Each hit dealt increases the speed at which the Attack level increases. Resets to zero if no damage is dealt for a set period. -
Invincibility Renders you impervious to harm. Full Attack Level
Finishers Attack Level Requirements
Dark Abyss Creates dark storm shockwaves which are unavoidable and blind opponents.

Full Attack Level

Pros and Cons[]

Pros Cons
Incredible attack power. Cooldown time; Rhys' speed and attack power are halved for one minute after use.
Good for use against crowds or large clusters of enemies. Also reasonably good against bosses. Energy gauge runs out fast unless form is on a high level.