Janus Grey is the main antagonist of Night of Infinity II: Endless Dawn, and as such, a boss fought several times. He utilizes every one of his abilities used in the form, but also uses some of Rhys' abilities as well.

Janus Grey
Battle style Strategic
Status Master

Prison Apex, Pure Realm


Janus' boss fights all involve him wearing a Blade Wielder uniform, but with bronze-colored lengthening cloth attached to his sleeves and trousers to make them cover his arms and legs. His Blade of Ages' pin ribbons are tied to a clip on his right sleeve.

During his final battle, when he unlocks true power over all Replicas, He wears white armor with Replica emblems on the shoulders. He also has one on his chest, which is only partially revealed.


First Battle- Prison ApexEdit

The best strategy to use against Janus would be to try and predict his attacks. Since he uses familiar moves, anyone who uses the form prolifically should have less trouble.

After three health bars are shed, Janus will begin to rapidly teleport around the field, firing lasers. He will mainly target the player, but will occasionally target party characters. That is the best time to heal. When he stops teleporting, he will continue to attack, using his Attack Level 2 moves.

Once he has lost two thirds of his health, he will upgrade to Attack Level 3. The player will then be given two minutes to defeat him before he goes MAX Attack Level. When he does, he will become invincible and the player will have to survive Dark Abyss, his finisher. Then, he will return to Attack Level 3 and the cycle will repeat itself.

If a great deal of patience is had, the Replica will fall easily.

Second Battle- Pure RealmEdit

When the player ventures deep into the original universe, they will have to battle Janus once again.

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