You may be looking for the form. See: Janus Grey (form). For the boss, see: Janus Grey (boss).

Janus Grey is the dark alter ego of Rhys Grey. He first appears through mention in Night of Infinity, and then in person in Night of Infinity II: Endless Dawn, in which he is the main antagonist.

Janus Grey
Age 1055
Height 174cm
Weight 78kg
Status Grand Master
Weapon Blade of Ages
Debut Night of Infinity II: Endless Dawn


Night of InfinityEdit

Janus does not make a physical appearance in this game, having not been summoned. But when Xenophus curses Rhys, the curse affects Janus, although this is not noted at the time. When the Infinite Orb's being is summoned, it speaks directly to Janus, declaring his fate to be worse than that of Xenophus, who had been completely obliterated.

The game's secret ending shows Rhys walking into the triangular room shown at the beginning of the game. Janus is standing at the other end of the room. The two get out their swords and face each other down. Janus charges... Rhys charges... The two clash...

Night of Infinity II: Endless DawnEdit


Janus looks similar to Rhys (Being his dark counterpart), but his hair is longer and darker, his facial structure is more rigid, and he has two long scars over his right eye. His clothing is the same, but he has armour on his shoulders, wrists and back. His belt has five canisters strapped to it.


Janus is cold, cruel and calculating. He has no moral fibre or sense of remorse, preferring to make decisions based on battle strategy rather than compromise. He sees all others as potential collateral damage rather than actual fighters or people. He also has an unreserved hatred for other Blade Wielders, having been reduced to a second personality/parasite due to it.


Being the dark version of Rhys Grey rather than polar opposite, Janus is the wielder of a Blade of Ages. His basic blade is the Hidden Fury, a powerful weapon. He can also use any other type of weapon; no other weapon is actually bound to certain people.

Fighting StyleEdit

Janus Grey is a reserved, restrained fighter. His abilities and attack combos that were available as a form are all fully utilized as a boss.


  • "I'm sorry, Rhys isn't here night now. Would you like to leave a message?"
  • "Face it. I am the better side of our being."
  • "You call that resistance? I call it amusing."
  • "Funny, I was about to say the same thing."
  • "What? This is all?"


  • Janus is the first character to be both a form and a boss.
  • Janus' last name isn't really Grey, but he only has it because of his alter ego, Rhys.
  • He is considered the God of War in one universe, the God of Hate in another.
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