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Heathcliff Harrison (also known as Mojo Harrison) is a minor antagonist in Night of Infinity. He serves as a character boss on the second trip to Blast Zone. His role in the game is that of a bounty hunter, contracted by Xenophus, leader of the Xenophytes, to destroy Rhys, Liam and Sierra.

Heathcliff Harrison
Age 50
Height 207cm
Weight 130kg
Weapons Katana, Rifle
Nickname Mojo Harrison
Debut Night of Infinity


Night of InfinityEdit

We first hear about Mojo when Joe Jensen warns the team of his appearance. He describes him as "a hellhound that obeys whoever has the biggest bone". We first see him when he stands on the catwalk above the heroes. Liam notices a shadow on the ground, looks up, and sees a broken pipe; Mojo has hidden his tracks.

Later on, he officially declares himself, attacking the group. Jensen disappears during the fight. He is warded off when tne siren sounds in the area; an explosion is imminent. He escapes his own way. The team, although Rhys is determined to catch him, abandon the fight.

Mojo makes his final appearance as a boss fight at the end of the world's storyline, sealing the group in a boiler chamber and commencing a fight. He fights ferociously, but is seemingly beaten. However, Mojo strikes back, and puts the team in a no-win scenario. The room, however, begins to disintegrate. When Sierra asks why Mojo won't give up the fight and leave, he replies (in his only speaking part), "My whole purpose in life is to kill. I am to die killing." But his victory is cut short by Joe Jensen, who sacrifices the machine he was building to help his friends. Jensen throws him onto the boiler, which plummets to the crust of the planet below, causing a spectacular explosion.


Heathcliff's face is rarely seen. He has electric blue eyes, a brown and silver beard and thin, sharp eyebrows. His suit is a one-piece black climbing suit with a zipper running down the front. He also has pieces of highly reflective silver armor on his chest, waist, lower arms, hands, lower legs, feet and back. It all appears red because of his sole appearance being on Blast Zone; in the journal, his image shows it being silver. His katana is sheathed on his back, facing the right shoulder (he is left handed) and his rifle is holstered on the left side of his leather belt.


Heathcliff is a emotionless killing machine. He only desires to be left alone, but on the rare occasion someone can afford his services, he sets his sights solely on the deaths of his targets.


Heathcliff has a katana with a red fabric wrapped around the handle and a pin remarkably similar to that of the Great Cross's. He also has a rifle that shoots metal spikes rather than bullets for sheer efficiency.


  • "My whole purpose in life is to kill. I am to die killing."


  • Of all the character actors in the game, Heathcliff has the shortest screen time, the smallest role AND the fewest lines.
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