Captain Grigori Shanx is a minor protagonist in Night of Infinity, who reappears in Night of Infinity II: Endless Dawn. His first appearance is on Shipwrecked Shores, and he then appears in Damnation Cove in the sequel. He is a famed (but accident-prone and happy-go-lucky) pirate captain.

Grigori Shanx
Age 43
Height 177cm
Weight 101kg
Nickname Stone-cold Shanx
Weapons Dual wielded blades
Debut Night of Infinity


Night of InfinityEdit

First VisitEdit

Grigori first appears silhouetted, when he enters the bar where Rhys, Liam and Sierra are taking refuge from a storm. He walks through the bar, and trips on a bottle, thus defeating his macho image. Unfazed, he stands up and walks to the bartender, demanding the strongest drinks available. Upon taking a sip, he falls to the floor. Rhys runs over, presumably concerned, only to see that Shanx is whistling an old pirate tune.

Later, on Shanx's ship, the Wolf and Arrow, Rhys Liam and Sierra enter uninvited, and Shanx immediately interrogates them. His reaction when he finds out the three aren't stealing is to immediately apologize (although in a non-apologetic manner) and brush himself off in a manner that suggests he still doesn't trust them.

Upon setting sail, Shanx finally reveals his plan. He is looking for the Gold Ghost Ship- a ship that went missing and that was decked in gold. He also reveals that he tricked the team into becoming the extra deckhands on his ship. When Liam ignores this and asks to steer, Shanx is most confused. However, he accepts. Walking over to the others, he asks, "Is he always this crazy?"

After a few hours of sailing (In which Sierra has made friends with Shanx's deckhands and he and Rhys have been plotting courses), the ship comes into sight of the Gold Ghost Ship; only to find that it has been converted into a Xenophyte, the Bone Scuttler. After a ship-to-ship fight, the Wolf and Arrow is destroyed, and Rhys and Shanx team up to battle the Scuttler and defeat it. Shanx then wonders what he will do now that his ship is gone. Sierra suggests "build a new one" and Shanx replies "Nah. Too lazy for that."

Second VisitEdit

On the second trip to Shipwrecked Shores, Shanx meets the team in the harbor and welcomes them overeagerly. His role this time, however, is limited; lack of a seagoing vessel limits his capabilities.

Night of infinity II: Endless DawnEdit


Shanx has a old and grizzled face, with very few teeth and one eye swelled shut. His most notable feature, however, is a wooden leg. He wears thick, fur-lined leather coats (fake fur, of course) and a pair of large trackpants. He has tattoos covering much of his form, and a pair of cutlasses in sheaths on his shoulders.

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