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A Blade of Ages is a powerful sword, capable of more than an ordinary sword. They are described by Seraph as being, "the tools of the gods, distributed among mortals." Only three people have ever been known to wield a Blade in our world; Rhys Grey, Seraph and Xenophus. In other universes, there is a large number of Wielders.


The Blade of Ages was formed in the Pure Realm. The original three users unlocked a way to travel between universes through the use of gold water. They sent the Blade through the void, creating it in all universes.

Known Forms[]

The first form of the Blade of Ages seen is the Great Cross. But each and every living thing with a proper spirit has a form associated with them (that includes worlds). The forms used in the first game are:

Night of Infinity[]

Used by Rhys[]

  • Great Cross
  • Fragment Sand
  • Proof of Honor
  • Inflammable
  • Revolution Gear
  • Cold Furnace
  • Jolly Roger
  • Cloud Cluster
  • Verdant Skill
  • Havoc's Sting
  • Dragon's Spine
  • Absolute Chaos

Used by Xenophus[]

  • Dread Rapier

Used by Seraph[]

  • Anger of Apollo

Night of Infinity II: Endless Dawn[]

Used by Rhys

  • Great Cross
  • Second Sun
  • Twisted Soul
  • Harmonious Pair
  • Stony Crest
  • Bleak Harvest
  • Asteroid Tilter
  • Forged Regale

Used by Janus[]

  • Hidden Fury

Used by Liam[]

  • Far From Grace

DUSK: Prelude to Infinity[]

Used by Xenophus

  • Iron Pride
  • Sapphire Shale
  • Ageless Leaf
  • Opal Hunger
  • Note of Ruby
  • Dread Rapier

Used by the Brotherhood[]

  • All that Glitters
  • Luster Rapier
  • Gilded Trinity
  • Aurum Splicer
  • Gold Aubade

Used by Santos[]

  • Sapphire Runes

Ranking System[]

When it comes to power, the Blade of Ages is ranged from powerful to incredibly powerful. But such power can take a toll on the human body and soul. As such, a ranking system is employed by Blade Wielders to avoid death by overpowering.





  • The Grand Cross is the only form seen when Rhys lets someone else hold his Blade of Ages.
  • There are rumors of people evolving and mutating Blades of Ages.